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COVID-19 Operating Procedures - updated 08/07/20

Our commitment to your safety

Our commitment to your safety

We take the health and safety of our guests very seriously indeed. Based on the advice provided by the UK Government and our own practical experience, we have developed a set of Covid-19 Operating Procedures, specifically for The Paddock at Scamblesby. The sole purpose of these is to minimise the risk to our guests (and ourselves) of contracting and/or passing on the Coronavirus within our facility. 

These cover all aspects of our service offering and are as follows:

Room provision / Booking

1. Individual rooms will be left unoccupied for a minimum of 4 days between guests.

2. Rooms 1 & 2 (that have a common entrance/exit, corridor and breakfast room door) will only be occupied at the same time when the occupants know each other and have booked together. Such guests will be responsible for their own social distancing and hygiene compliance in the adjoining corridor and in their designated area within the Breakfast Conservatory.

Room cleaning

1. Individual rooms will be cleaned 3 days after the last guest occupied them. Common touchpoints will be carefully sanitised (e.g door handles, light switches, remote controls, etc)

Changes to Service Offering

1. Complimentary fresh fruit will no longer be left in the rooms.

2. Home-baked shortbread will be replaced by pre-packaged biscuits.

3. Individual glass bottles filled with milk, left in the room fridges, will be replaced with shop-bought, single pint milk cartons.

4. No magazines, papers, spare toiletries, etc will be made available to guests in the Breakfast Conservatory.

5. An iron will no longer be available to guests.

Stays of more than one night

1. Rooms will not be serviced during stays of more than one night.

2. New towels / toiletries / bin liners will be given to guests (on request) in the Breakfast Conservatory. Used towels must be presented by the guests in the bin bags provided.

Breakfast Provision

1. Breakfast order forms will be left in the guest rooms (prior to their arrival) - sufficient for the entire stay, along with a complimentary pen.

2. Guests will be asked to leave completed breakfast forms on their designated table in the Breakfast Conservatory by 10pm the previous night.

3. Each room will have its own dedicated entrance/exit for the Breakfast Conservatory.

4. Each room will have its own designated area in the Breakfast Conservatory. The boundary will be marked with striped tape on the floor and guests must not cross this line. Within each designated area there will be:

- a dedicated breakfast station with fridge

- a dedicated breakfast table

No items will be shared across the two designated areas of the Breakfast Conservatory.

5. Large, shared preserve / marmite jars will be replaced with individual portion jars.

6. Re-usable glass bottles filled with fruit juice / milk will be replaced with shop-bought, one-litre cartons.

7. Fresh fruit salad will be taken off the breakfast menu.

8. Gloves / masks will be worn by the hosts when preparing & serving the breakfasts.

Hand Hygiene

1. Guests (and hosts) will be expected to regularly wash their hands.

2. Anti-viral hand gel will be available in the corridor adjacent to rooms 1 & 2 and on both sides of the Breakfast Conservatory. This should be used by all guests as soon as they enter these areas.

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